Juggmodel Breast Worship

Juggmodel Breast Worship

Juggmodel Breast Worship with a Southern Peach that’s super stacked and our guest model, Allison.  Lillian has a pair of GG cup breasts with a set of huge areolas to die for.  The perfect set of tits to feed other women, and we were lucky enough to capture the whole thing in stunning 4k.  We filmed almost an hour of video, as we do with all of our sets and to beat of to this encounter that was captured on film is pretty epic.

Images –  488 / Movie Length – 43:17 / Encoding 4k / List – Exclusive / Type – Lesbian Lactating Tit Worship

4k Streaming

This is a new technology, and there is some confusion over the amount of bandwidth to stream 4k.  We encode our 4k movies at specification, which is 18 mb/sec.  A good rule of thumb is to have 4 times this bandwidth, to view 4k video smoothly.  We suggest that you have a connection with at least 80 mb/sec or you may experience buffering issues.

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